MEMBS was launched in Dubai Scientific Park in 2012 by pioneer scientists under the leadership of Amir Ma’ani.

As the pioneers in the MENA region, we set the foundation for a scientific platform that contributes to the expansion of the molecular biology field and the growth of its network across the region through scientific congresses, an educational academy, and a news hub.


What We Do.

The Middle East Molecular Biology Society is here to keep you updated regarding recent findings in the molecular biology field. MEMBS transforms the concepts, rules and methods of diagnostics and medical treatment via the vehicles of news, events, research, eBooks, videos and products..


MEMBS Gathering


MEMBS Lighting

We visit thousands of specialized electronic sources around the world on your behalf, such as research and academic institutions, laboratories, medical centers, commercial companies, magazines, conferences, and news channels to collect and classify all news items related to molecular biology and translating their gist for the Arabic speaking community.​


MEMBS Academy

Our realization that you may not be able to participate in our annual meeting (MEMBS Congress), and that your passion might not be satisfied simply by daily access to MEMBS News, encouraged us to organize various events in your country in the form of workshops, lectures, and courses. Participate in our online lectures or go through the educational material (videos, books, flyers, etc.) that we have gathered from reliable sources.


MEMBS Opportunities

MEMBS Opportunities—a social networking platform for individuals and organizations that publicizes local and international molecular biology-related jobs and grants. We provide the chance for a focused search for the right people in this critical field away from the online noise and restricting platforms.​



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At the core of human health, happiness, behavior, and future lies thousands of stories told by DNA molecules with their unique ATCG language. To help unravel the complete clinical story to doctors from A TO Z, we look deep into DNA's story from A TO G


Scientific Committee

Our focus initially was on bringing together researchers, lab technicians and PhD students, but as the field developed and merged with others, we expanded our target to include clinicians and enthusiasts. With the field progressing beyond labs to become an inseparable part of the diagnostic sector, we focus on hosting cutting-edge updates and services at every turn.