About Us

The Middle East Molecular Biology Society (MEMBS) was launched in Dubai Scientific Park in 2012 under the leadership of Amir Ma’ani. As the pioneers in MENA region, MEMBS set the foundation for a scientific platform that contributes to the expansion of the molecular biology field and the growth of its network across the region through scientific congresses, an educational academy, and a news hub. At MEMBS, we aim to connect the professional community in the field of molecular biology and forge a stronger vehicle towards worldwide advancements in the field.

Our Vision

To become a regional catalyst and an international pillar for the molecular biology field and its latest advancements.

Our Mission

  • A yearly event, workshops, webinars, news section, a community to connect with like-minded people.
  • To accelerate the development of research and innovation in the field of molecular biology.
  • To identify and provide support to figures that are driving the field forward.
  • To build an educational platform where professionals, learners and enthusiasts can connect, learn and create projects.
  • To establish an accredited research lab.
  • To continuously highlight the contributions of molecular biology to the fields of science, medicine and lab work.

Our Journey

Through the years, we have been supporting and documenting the movement of molecular biology research—becoming an integral part of the field’s transformation in the MENA region.