MEMBS was established in Dubai Scientific Park in 2012 by pioneer scientists.

Through the years we supported and documented the movement of molecular biology research, becoming an integral part of the field’s transformation in the MENA region.

Our focus initially was on bringing together researchers, lab technicians and phd students, but as the field developed and merged with others we expanded our target to include clinicians and enthusiasts.


What We Do.

At MEMBS, we aim to connect the professional community in the field of molecular biology and forge a stronger vehicle towards world wide advancements in the field.

As the pioneers in the MENA region, we set the foundation for a scientific platform that contributes to the expansion of the molecular biology field and the growth of its network across the region through scientific events, an educational academy, a news hub and publications.

As the field grew beyond labs to become an inseparable part of the diagnostic field, we grew our network to host cutting-edge updates and services at every turn.


MEMBS Gathering

MEMBS congress is an annual formal event that’s held at a different country every year to discuss the latest research, theories, clinical results, and related laboratory products.

The congress fosters awareness of molecular biology and its latest updates and applications while networking, And it also creates an opportunity to initiate regional scientific cooperation.


MEMBS Lighting

On your behalf, we visit more than 1k specialized electronic sources around the world, like research and academic institutions, laboratories, medical centers, commercial companies, magazines, conferences, and news channels, with the aim of collecting and classifying all news items related to molecular biology and translating their gist for the Arabic speaking community.


MEMBS Academy

MEMBS Education brings a series of events, either online (webinars) or on-ground (workshops) to help you be up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the molecular biology field.

Platform users can participate in our online lectures, find educational materials like videos and books that have been picked by a team of experts at MEMBS.


MEMBS Opportunities

An open platform for the community to post questions and find focused and verified answers.

A social networking platform for individuals and organizations that publicizes local and international molecular biology-related jobs and grants.

MEMBS provides the chance for a focused search for the right people in this critical field away from the online noise and restricting platforms.​