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  Apr 9, 2016-12:00 pm
Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

Organization : Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

Country: Qatar

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Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) is a National Research Institute established by 
Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, a private, non-profit organization that is supporting Qatar on its journey from carbon economy to knowledge economy. QBRI is set up under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation Research and Development with the purpose of transforming healthcare through science and innovation and supporting the strategic priorities outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030
QBRI aims to translate novel scientific discoveries into new, efficient targeted therapies and better preventative and diagnostic strategies for diseases that affect the people of Qatar and the region as identified in the 
Qatar National Research Strategy. This is being achieved through the creation of disease-focused research centers of excellence that are supported by state-of-the-art core facilities, cutting-edge technologies and enabling platforms, on par with those existing at top institutions around the world.

In keeping with Qatar National Health priorities and Qatar National Research Strategy, QBRI plans to establish and operate three scientific centers of excellence:

  • Cancer Research Center.
  • Diabetes and Obesity Research Center.
  • Neurological Diseases Research Center.

QBRI will have a flexible structure that allows it to respond to the rapidly changing medical, biomedical and health needs of Qatari society and industry.  QBRI'?s structure also enables rapid adjustment to new scientific and technological advances, thus allowing us to remain at the forefront of biomedical research.

QBRI is committed to the training and development of the next generation scientists and highly skilled workforces by providing mentoring, advanced scientific and research training opportunities and career guidance to young scientists from Qatar and the region (
Qatar Science Leadership Program, QSLP) in the fields of basic, applied, translational and clinical research.
QBRI, a national center of excellence and a global hub for biomedical and translational research, aims to improve and transform healthcare through innovation in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the Qatari population and the region.

QBRI is engaged in basic and applied medical research that strongly supports the translation of novel scientific discoveries into more efficient therapies and better preventative strategies for human diseases, ultimately leading to the development of Personalized Medicine.