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New CRISPR Design Provides a Broad Platform for Fast, off-the-Shelf Genome Engineering

Oct 9, 2018-9:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Biotechnology, Genome & Genomics, Gene Therapy

An international team of researchers has made CRISPR technology more accessible and standardized ...

Breast Cancer Gene Mutation is not a "Feminine' Issue"

Oct 8, 2018-9:00 am

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics, Featured, Genetic Diseases

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among Americans. At least 10 percent of cancers are ...

Satellite RNAs May Induce Breast Cancer

Oct 7, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Cancer Therapy

Only some of us have satellite TV in our homes, but all of us have satellite DNA in cells in our bod...

The New Switch And Its Biological Uses

Oct 6, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Biotechnology, Proteome & Proteomics

A biological switch that reliably turns protein expression on at will has been invented by Universit...

Lamins And Its Effect On Gene Expression.

Oct 6, 2018-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Cell Biology, Featured, Developmental Biology

A tremendous amount of genetic material must be packed into the nucleus of every cell—a tiny c...

The First of its Kind: A New Toolkit for the Alga Nannochloropsis

Oct 3, 2018-1:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Cell Biology, Genome & Genomics

ric Poliner and a team of MSU scientists in the Farre and Benning labs have released a new genetic e...

Canada's Genetic Non-Discrimination Act Protects People's Genetic Test Information by Law

Oct 3, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics

If Canada's Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNA) is overturned by a challenge from the Provin...

Sequencing the Plastid Genome of Bittersweet to Provide Genomic Resources for Chloroplast Engineering

Oct 2, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Bioinformatics

Information about the organization and evolution of plastomes is crucial to improve crop plants a...

Does Your Environment Determine the Result of Your IQ?

Oct 2, 2018-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Epigenetics, Psychology

Is there a link between differences in IQ test performance and the activity of certain genes? Resear...

Plasticity as Survival Strategy in Colon Cancer

Oct 1, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics, Biotechnology, Cancer Therapy

Scientists in Germany have discovered that colon cancers contain two different cell types, charac...

The Largest Genetic Study of Varicose Veins Provide a New Evidence for the Condition

Oct 1, 2018-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Featured, Hematology, Obesity

The taller you are, the more likely you are to develop varicose veins, according to a study led by S...

Dopamine Neurons And Theire Roles In Diseases

Sep 30, 2018-9:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Featured, Neurology, Bioinformatics, Psychology

Dopamine neurons are located in the midbrain, but their tendril-like axons can branch far into the h...

Merck’s Paired CRISPR Nickases Technique can Help us to Correct Genetic Defects in Gene Therapy Patients

Sep 27, 2018-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Biotechnology, Products & Technologies, Featured, Organizations / Institutions

Darmstadt, Germany, August 15, 2018 – Merck, the vibrant science and technology company, today...

The Advance in the DNA Nanotechnology Field

Sep 26, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Biotechnology, Products & Technologies, Nanotechnology

In the journal Nature Communications, Carlos Castro and Ratnasingham Sooryakumar and their colleague...

Lumoxiti, the First New Treatment Option for HCL's Patients in Over 20 Years

Sep 26, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics, Products & Technologies, Featured, Biopharmaceuticals, Cancer Therapy, Pharmacogenetics, Genetic Diseases

AstraZeneca and MedImmune, its global biologics research and development arm, announced today that t...

Bladder Cancer Patients with Mutations in DNA Repair Genes Live Shorter than Patients without the mutations

Sep 25, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics

Mutations in genes that help repair damage to DNA may aid in predicting the prognosis of patients wi...

How Memory Actually Works ?

Sep 24, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Neurology, Epigenetics

Researchers have transferred a memory from one snail to another via RNA, they report in eNeuro. I...

Using CRISPR Technology to Repair a Genetic Defect in a Human Embryo !!

Sep 24, 2018-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Biotechnology, Featured, Genetic Diseases

A team of researchers in China has used a form of the CRISPR gene editing technique to repair a gene...

Genes of a Human Origin play a Critical Role in Development of our Large Brains

Sep 23, 2018-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Evolution

A set of three nearly identical genes found only in humans appear to play a critical role in the ...

Missense Genetic Mutation in the TBX2 Gene is to Blame for the Serious Clinical Manifestation in Patients

Sep 22, 2018-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Immunology, Genetic Diseases

It all began with one young patient; a 7-year old boy who was born without a thymus, an important...

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