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A New Study Shows that Alzheimer's Symptoms Can be Investigated Decades Before they Become Infected

Jul 20, 2019-4:00 pm

News Classification : Diseases, Neurology, Aging

Results from a study of nearly 60,000 individuals suggest those at higher risk of developing Alzh...

Adult Stem Cells Restore Smell in Mice

Jun 30, 2019-3:00 pm

News Classification : Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells, Neurology, Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine

A stem cell therapy delivered into the nose can restore the sense of smell in a mouse model of olfac...

Researchers Developed molecular scaffolds which are able to deliver drugs and diagnostic agents to the cells of a neuroblastoma

Jun 24, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Products & Technologies, Neurology, Molecular Pharmacology, Cancer Therapy

Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid have participated in the development of spe...

Effects of Light on Insulin

Jun 23, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Cell Biology, Diabetes, Neurology

The disruption of internal clocks seems to play a significant role in the explosion of metabolic dis...

Researchers Identified a Gene That Protects Neurons Against Amyloid Buildup in Alzheimer's Disease

Jun 21, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Genome & Genomics, Neurology

BUFFALO, N.Y. — University at Buffalo researchers have identified the first human-specific fus...

A New Study Found That New Neurons Continue to Form Well into Old Age

Jun 18, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Aging

In a new study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, researchers examining post-mortem brai...

Researchers Use Stem Cell-Based Disease Models to Pinpoint Gene Linked to Impaired Memory in down Syndrome

Jun 13, 2019-5:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Developmental Biology, Genetic Diseases

Targeting a key gene before birth could someday help lead to a treatment for Down syndrome by rev...

Long-Term Antibiotic Treatment Slows the Amyloid Plaques Growth in the Brains of Male Mice

Jun 9, 2019-11:00 am

News Classification : Immunology, Microbiology, Neurology

Newswise — Researchers at The University of Chicago have demonstrated that the type of bacteri...

A Combination of Two Mutations Causes a Deadly Form of Pediatric Brain Tumors

Jun 3, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Epigenetics, Cancer Therapy, Pediatrics

A new Northwestern Medicine study finds that a combination of two mutations cause a form of pediatri...

Changes in Genes Involved in Synaptic Communication Between Neurons May Lead to Autism

Jun 2, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Biotechnology, Neurology, Psychology, Transcriptome & Transcriptomics

Changes in gene activity in specific brain cells are associated with the severity of autism in child...

Researchers Identify 'Wake-Up' Signal for Deep-Sleeping Neural Stem Cells

May 30, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Cell Biology, Neurology, Developmental Biology

Kyoto, Japan -- The human body has powerful healing abilities. But treating brain disorders is no...

Discovery of New Relationship Between Mutations, Immune Response and Neurodegenerative Diseases

May 30, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Immunology, Neurology

Scientists have discovered how mutations in DNA can cause neurodegenerative disease. The discover...

Ancient Viruses Are Involved in the Inflammatory Defense Response That May Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

May 22, 2019-11:00 am

News Classification : Diseases, Immunology, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Virology

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system turns on its own cell...

A Novel Imaging Technique That Uses a Synthesized Form of Scorpion Venom to Light up Brain Tumors

May 19, 2019-5:00 pm

News Classification : Biotechnology, Neurology, Cancer Therapy, Clinical Trials

A novel imaging technique that uses a synthesized form of scorpion venom to light up brain tumors...

Do You Accept To Do a Genetic Test That Determines if You Are Going to Have a Lethal Neurological Disease?

May 19, 2019-4:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Clinical Trials, Psychology, Genetic Diseases

As many as 90 percent of individuals who have a parent with Huntington's disease (HD) choose not...

Researchers Discovered a New Way to Target The Leading Genetic Contributor to Parkinson's Disease

May 19, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Diseases, Neurology, Genetic Diseases

The discovery of a new way to target and treat the leading genetic contributor to Parkinson's ma...

Limiting Oxygen Could Control Symptoms of Friedreich’s Ataxia

May 19, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Genetic Diseases

Study in cell models and mice suggests that limiting oxygen could control symptoms of Friedreich&rsq...

Researchers Identify Essential Protein Controlling Stem Cell Behavior During Brain Development

May 18, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Developmental Biology

During brain development, stem cells generate neurons of different type and function at distinct poi...

An­ti­histam­ine May Be a Potential Aid in Defeating Glioblastoma Cells

May 16, 2019-6:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Cancer Therapy

Researchers from the University of Helsinki have discovered a chink in the armour of the tumour cell...

Muller Glial Cells in Zebrafish Could Help in the Way of Restoring Vision

May 14, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Cell Signaling

A discovery opens the possibility of one day restoring loss of vision by activating the retina...

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