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Ancient Viruses Are Involved in the Inflammatory Defense Response That May Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

May 22, 2019-11:00 am

News Classification : Diseases, Immunology, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Virology

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system turns on its own cell...

A Novel Imaging Technique That Uses a Synthesized Form of Scorpion Venom to Light up Brain Tumors

May 19, 2019-5:00 pm

News Classification : Biotechnology, Neurology, Cancer Therapy, Clinical Trials

A novel imaging technique that uses a synthesized form of scorpion venom to light up brain tumors...

Do You Accept To Do a Genetic Test That Determines if You Are Going to Have a Lethal Neurological Disease?

May 19, 2019-4:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Clinical Trials, Psychology, Genetic Diseases

As many as 90 percent of individuals who have a parent with Huntington's disease (HD) choose not...

Researchers Discovered a New Way to Target The Leading Genetic Contributor to Parkinson's Disease

May 19, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Diseases, Neurology, Genetic Diseases

The discovery of a new way to target and treat the leading genetic contributor to Parkinson's ma...

Limiting Oxygen Could Control Symptoms of Friedreich’s Ataxia

May 19, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Genetic Diseases

Study in cell models and mice suggests that limiting oxygen could control symptoms of Friedreich&rsq...

Researchers Identify Essential Protein Controlling Stem Cell Behavior During Brain Development

May 18, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Developmental Biology

During brain development, stem cells generate neurons of different type and function at distinct poi...

An­ti­histam­ine May Be a Potential Aid in Defeating Glioblastoma Cells

May 16, 2019-6:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Cancer Therapy

Researchers from the University of Helsinki have discovered a chink in the armour of the tumour cell...

Muller Glial Cells in Zebrafish Could Help in the Way of Restoring Vision

May 14, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Cell Signaling

A discovery opens the possibility of one day restoring loss of vision by activating the retina...

Researchers Uncover New Mechanisms of Brain Development

May 12, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Cell Signaling, Developmental Biology

Leuven researchers uncover new mechanisms of brain development that determine when, where and how...

Restoring Brain Function in Mice with Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease by Removing the Senescent Oligodendrocyte Progenitor

May 8, 2019-3:00 pm

News Classification : Diseases, Cell Biology, Neurology

A study in mice shows that selectively removing cells that are no longer dividing from the brains of...

Self-Propagating Amyloid and Tau Prions Found in Post-Mortem Brain Samples of Alzheimer's Patients

May 6, 2019-4:00 pm

News Classification : Diseases, Neurology, Proteome & Proteomics

Self-Propagating Amyloid and Tau Prions found in Post-Mortem Brain Samples, With Highest Levels in P...

A New Hope for Adult Autism Patients by Restoring SynGAP1 Protein

May 6, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Diseases, Neurology, Psychology, Genetic Diseases

A new study challenges the presumption that people born with developmental brain disorders such as s...

Tilapia’s collagen promotes Cerebral Cortex Neurons induction from pluripotent stem cells

May 5, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells, Products & Technologies, Neurology

Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI, President Pann Ghill Suh) announced on Mar. 4 that its re...

Positive Effects of Physical Exercise May Pass from Mice to Their Offspring

May 1, 2019-7:00 pm

News Classification : Neurology, Epigenetics

A large team of researchers with members affiliated with multiple institutions across Spain has foun...

Melanocyte Stem Cells That Carrying CD34 Turn into Glial Cells in Mice

May 1, 2019-5:00 pm

News Classification : Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells, Neurology

A subset of the stem cells in hair follicles have the potential to regenerate the coating that insul...

New Technique Could Help Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease in Early Stages

Apr 28, 2019-5:00 pm

News Classification : Diseases, Neurology

A large team of researchers affiliated with a host of institutions across South Korea has develop...

Chronic Nicotine Exposure During Pregnancy May Alter Pathways of Neurons in Newborns

Apr 28, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Featured, Neurology, Cell Signaling, Pediatrics

The Akay Lab biomedical research team at the University of Houston is reporting in the journal Natur...

A New Study Suggests a Dose of the TRIM9 Gene Could Decrease the Extensive Brain Swelling That Follows a Stroke

Apr 25, 2019-5:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Neurology

A new USC study suggests a dose of the TRIM9 gene could decrease the extensive — and detrim...

Researchers Use CRISPR Screens to Determine Genes Required for Survival and Growth of Glioblastoma Stem Cells

Apr 22, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells, Featured, Genome & Genomics, Neurology, Cancer Therapy

Researchers at the University of Toronto, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the Universi...

Molecules Regulate Neural Connections Responsible for Appetite and Metabolism

Apr 16, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Neurology, Cell Signaling, Obesity

Leading a unique, collaborative research study with scientists across the globe, investigators at...

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