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Researchers Identify Hundreds of Possible Causal Variants Associated with Blood Cell Traits

Mar 31, 2019-3:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Biotechnology, Products & Technologies, Genome & Genomics

A team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in and around the Boston area in the ...

Genetic Predisposition May Cause Hormone Contraceptive to Fail

Mar 31, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Featured, Genome & Genomics, Gynecology, Pharmacogenetics

Women who get pregnant while using birth control may carry a gene that breaks down the hormones c...

Noncoding Sequences Can Evolve into Completely Novel Proteins

Mar 27, 2019-2:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Evolution

One of the most important questions in biology is how rapidly new proteins evolve in organisms. P...

Scientists Discover a Way to Exploit the Hunger of Leukemias for Amino Acids to Selectively Block their Growth

Mar 25, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Genetics, Molecular Biochemistry, Cancer Therapy

Cancer cells consume sugar at a higher rate than healthy cells, but they’re also hungry for...

New Study Reveals a Surprising New Role of Serotonin in Neurons

Mar 23, 2019-4:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Cell Biology, Featured, Neurology

New York, NY (March 13, 2019) The brain chemical serotonin, a neurotransmitter long known for its...