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Workshop on Applications of Flow Cytometry

Theoretical & Practical Workshop on Applications of Flow Cytometry in Stem Cells Research.
Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) or Flow Cytometry is widely used in basic and clinical research. To harness the real power of this state of art technique, appropriate experimental designing and accurate analysis of FACS data are crucial. Correct data analysis is not only important but also critical to adequately identify or functionally characterize the multiple cell populations of interest within the Flow Cytometry system. In this workshop, we will cover theoretical basics of flow cytometry as well as hands-on experience in preparing samples and analysis of flow cytometry data and guidelines for the correct data analysis. We will also cover FACS techniques and cell sorting.

Organizations / Institutions, Products & Technologies, Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells


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11th May, 2017

13th May, 2017

Zewail City of Science and Technology Sheikh Zayed District, 6 October City, 12588


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