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V International Workshop on Nitric Oxide and Cancer

The workshop will focus on the ongoing activities aimed at defining the role of nitric oxide in cancer tumor cell pathogenesis and growth angiogenesis response to cytotoxic therapies and NO translational applications in cancer therapy, alone or in conjunction with other therapies.
The topics of the symposium will include:
Topic 1: Nitric oxide, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis, tumor promotion and tumor growth
Topic 2: Nitric oxide regulation of cell death pathways
Topic 3: Nitric oxide: proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Topic 4: Regulation of immune response by nitric oxide
Topic 5: Antitumor activity of nitric oxide-based releasing strategies: pre-clinical and clinical studies
Topic 6: Novel nitric oxide donors synthesis
Topic 7: Nanoparticles mediated release of NO donors and multi-modal treatment

The scientific program will include several keynote lectures, many oral communications and a poster session.

Cancer Therapy, Cancer


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22nd March, 2017

24th March, 2017

Bologna / Via P. Gobetti, 101, Italian National Research Council Area


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