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Epigenetics and Chromatin Workshop

This practical course and summer program will train participants in cutting-edge experimental technologies and concepts that are currently used to answer key questions at the frontiers of Epigenetics research.
Program topics include:
• Genome-wide mapping of Histone Modifications, Chromatin Factors, ncRNA (ChIP, ChIP-seq, ncRNA mapping, data analysis)
• Nuclear Architecture, long-range Chromatin Interactions, ATAC-Seq, 3C/4C/Hi-C
• The Histone Code: Biochemistry of Modifying Enzymes, Binding Proteins and RNAs in Chromatin Regulation (protein-protein, protein-nucleic acids interactions, complex purification)
• Fractionation of cells and nuclei for Chromatin preparation, basic analysis of Chromatin Architecture (nucleosome positioning, and remodeling)



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09th July, 2017

21st July, 2017

Valerio Orlando, Wolfgang Fischle

United States

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