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2nd International SSMG Symposium

Highlight awareness for genetic disorders in the region.
Promote innovative collaborations with health workers in the region and international genetics programs.
Provide a platform for personal exchange for health workers in Saudi Arabia and GCC.
Highlight challenges and gaps to improve medical genetics service in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.
Provide stimulation foe focused research on new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Functional genetics and genomics.
Epigenetics, Gene regulation & editing.
Bioinformatics of the genome.
Prenatal and reproductive genetics.
Trends in human genetics.
Regenerative medicine and transplantation.
Human genetics in GCC.

Bioinformatics, Epigenetics, Genetic Diseases, Genetics, Genome & Genomics, Gynecology, Infertility, Organizations / Institutions, Pediatrics


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26th April, 2017

27th April, 2017

Conference centre at KACST Riyadh

Saudi Arabia

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