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2017 Teratology Society Annual Meeting

Birth defects and developmentally-mediated disorders constitute a major public health concern in the world today. Human development can be affected by drugs, chemicals, infectious diseases, diet, genetics, and maternal health as well as and socioeconomic factors. Understanding and protecting against potential hazards to developing embryos, fetuses, and children requires advanced scientific knowledge from diverse and novel fields such as cell and molecular biology, developmental biology and toxicology, computational modeling, genetics, and epidemiology. The science is put into practice in the areas of prenatal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, neonatology, medical genetics, counseling, product safety, risk assessment, and governmental regulations.
Our Annual Meeting provides the opportunity to promote our shared vision and scientific identity as researchers focused on the causes, manifestations, intervention, and prevention of birth defects and disorders of developmental origin.

Gynecology, Organizations / Institutions, Pediatrics


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24th June, 2017

28th June, 2017

Grand Hyatt Denver Colorado

United States

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