Why Cancer Makes Metastasis? This Study Will Answer The Question

آليّةٌ بيولوجيّةٌ جديدةٌ يُحتمَّلُ تورطها بإحداث النقائلِ السرطانيةِ .

Danielle Schmitt (l) and Songon An (r) study signaling pathways in cancer cells. Their new paper in PLOS ONE found that the PDK1 pathway, known to be active in metastatic cells, regulates the formation of a three-protein complex that facilitates purine biosynthesis. This finding encourages further work on the role of purine biosynthesis and other signaling pathways in metastasis, which An will pursue with a UMBC colleague in biochemical engineering. Credit: University Of Maryland Baltimore County العلماء الذين قاموا بالبحث . حقوق نشر الصورة محفوظة: University Of Maryland Baltimore County