Researchers Conducted Site-Specific Gene Editing in a Fetus, Correcting a Mutation That Causes Thalassemia

دراسة جديدة تقدم علاجاً محتملاً للثلاسيميا

Image of nanoparticles accumulating in the liver of a fetal mouse. Credit: Yale University. صورة لجسيمات نانوية تتراكم في كبد جنين الفأر. حقوق نشر الصورة محفوظة: Yale University.


  • Distribution of nanoparticles in a litter of fetal mice after intravenous nanoparticle treatment. The intense green, yellow, and red areas show higher concentrations. The highest accumulation of nanoparticles in each mouse is in the fetal liver.