Now We Can Understand What a Gene Is Saying by " ScISOr-Seq" Technique!

الآن نستطيع سماع ما يقوله كل جين على حدا بفضل تقنية الـScISOr-Seq

This stylistic diagram shows a gene in relation to the double helix structure of DNA and to a chromosome (right). The chromosome is X-shaped because it is dividing. Introns are regions often found in eukaryote genes that are removed in the splicing process (after the DNA is transcribed into RNA): Only the exons encode the protein. The diagram labels a region of only 55 or so bases as a gene. In reality, most genes are hundreds of times longer. Credit: Thomas Splettstoesser/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0. تظهر الصورة علاقة الجين مع البنية الحلزونية المُضاعفة للـ DNA وكذلك مع الصبغي. حقوق نشر الصورة محفوظة: Thomas Splettstoesser/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 4.0.