Gene Therapy Approach Can Lead To The Long Term Survival Of Functional Beta Cells In Mice With Diabetes

التحايل على الجهاز المناعي لإنقاذ خلايا بيتا في مرض السكري من النوع الأول

In these two microscopy images, human islets (the source of insulin cells) were poisoned with a drug to remove the insulin cells, and then treated with either an empty virus (left panel) or the therapeutic virus (right panel), and then grown in a diabetic mouse. The green staining on the right reflects abundant insulin cell in these islets. The blood sugar of the diabetic mice were made normal by the gene-therapy-treated human islets on the right. Credit: George Gittes and Xiangwei Xiao تُمثل البقع الخضراء على يمين الصورة خلايا ألفا المعالجة وعلى اليسار خلايا بيتا الطبيعية المنتجة للأنسولين. المصدر : George Gittes and Xiangwei Xiao