An Unexpected Function of Cilia in Male Reproductive Tract

وظيفة غير متوقعة للأهداب في السبيل التناسلي الذكري

Rex Hess, a U. of I. professor emeritus of comparative biosciences, collaborated with researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno and other institutions on a study that found that cilia in the efferent ductules of the male reproductive tract don’t transport sperm, as was previously thought, but agitate the fluid to keep the sperm from aggregating. The findings could have implications for human fertility. Credit: L. Brian Stauffer. توجد الأهداب على سطح الخلايا الظهارية في بعض الأعضاء وتؤدي العديد من العمليات الضرورية للحياة. حقوق نشر الصورة محفوظة: L. Brian Stauffer.