How Can Diabetes & Obesity Increase The Risk Of Heart Failure?

ماالذي يفعله السكــــــــــــــــــــــري بالقلب ؟

The image shows mitochondria from normal heart (left) and lipid overloaded heart (right). Excess fat results in more numerous, more contorted mitochondria. These misshapen mitochondria do not produce energy as efficiently as normal mitochondria and, thus, lipid overload disrupts the heart's energy-production system and may contribute to the two- to five-fold increased risk of heart failure in people with diabetes. Credit: E. Dale Abel Lab, University of Iowa على اليمين تظهر الميتكوندريا في قلب سليم وعلى اليسار يظهر قلب يُعاني من وزن زائد. المصدر : E. Dale Abel Lab, University of Iowa