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Enjoy Earning / Spreading Molecular Biology Knowledge

22nd April, 2018-05:00 PM

In this webinar we will explain to you how to use MEMBS international platform to:
1- Get the latest Molecular Biology updates from all over the world daily.
2- Spread your Molecular Biology knowledge.
3- Earn lots of valued benefits.

Why to Attend?
- If you are a student / young scientist who wants to learn and improve your skills > We will let you know how.
- If you are a practitioner who wants to know the latest updates and technologies > We will give you the keys to be up-to-date.
- If you are an administrative / executive person and want to collaborate with others > we will provide the active links.
- If you are a person with great projects achievements > we will highlight that locally and internationally.
- If you are a featured person (with very long experience and great history) who doesn’t want any help > Then we are the party that want to learn from you.



  22nd April, 2018

 5:00 PM (UAE Time)

 60 mins

Yes , Issued by ( MEMBS )



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