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NextSeq 500: Run Quality and Troubleshooting

27th April, 2017-10:00 PM

Evaluating the quality of data produced by your run, and making adjustments for ideal output is an important part of the sequencing process. This webinar is targeted to users of the NextSeq sequencing platform, helping understand the various problem phenotypes, and the underlying causes. The presenter will address the following topics:
-The basic mechanics of the NextSeq System and NextSeq 2-color chemistry
-Expected data output from various NextSeq runs
-The important data that we can glean from Sequence Analysis Viewer
-Several common problem phenotypes, and how to diagnose them

Note: You will be given an option to call in, receive a call back, or stream webinar audio with high speed internet over the computer. Audio quality is best over the telephone. You will need speakers or a headset to hear streaming audio.

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  27th April, 2017

 10:00 PM (UAE Time)

 One hour 15 minutes mins

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