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Latest Molecular Biology News
A Cutting-Edge Method to Grow Human Organs in Vitro ... Researchers have learned that precursor cells for skeletal muscles actually also give rise to neurons, blood vessels, blood cells and immune cells, ... Read More
Omega-3 and Omega-6 may Play a Role in Altering Gene Expression ... A new study reveals that essential fats in the diet may play a role in regulating protein secretion in the muscles by changing the way genes associate ... Read More
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The A Genome Sequence of Wheat as a Valuable Resource for Studying the Genome Evolution ... Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), feeding more than 35 percent of the human population and providing about 20 percent of calories and proteins consu ... Read More
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Latest MEMBS Congress news
"King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre" is the venue of MEMBS 2018 ... King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre  ... Read More

Egypt to Host MEMBS 2019 ... MEMBS 2019 ... Read More

Get your abstracts ready for submission on 01.03.2018 ... Mark your calendar ... Read More

Early bird registration fees is active NOW "MEMBS 2018" ... MEMBS 2018 ... Read More

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