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Latest Molecular Biology News
Zika: A New Weapon Against Brain Cancer? ... For months, the Zika virus dominated headlines for causing terrible birth defects in unborn babies. But there’s another side to the virus, one t ... Read More
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More than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science ... A new survey of DNA fragments circulating in human blood suggests our bodies contain vastly more diverse microbes than anyone previously understood. W ... Read More
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Latest MEMBS Congress news
Free Entry for All Members Belong to Following Organizations ... Register Before 31st Aug to Redeem ... Read More

2017 Participation Packages ... For individuals packages booking*, please click Registration below. For groups, organizations and companies packages book ... Read More

Abstracts Submission is Open NOW ... The 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 - Abu Dhabi ... Read More

MEMBS 2017 Details ... The 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 - Abu Dhabi ... Read More

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