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Latest Molecular Biology News
Hexakisphosphate Helps HIV Avoid Destroying by the Host’s Immune System ... Scientists from UNSW Sydney and the UK have discovered that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) hijacks a small molecule from the host cell to prot ... Read More
New Noninvasive Technique for Precisely Controlling Brain Circuits Could One Day Help Treat Neurological Conditions ... In the maze of our brains, there are various pathways by which neural signals travel. These pathways can go awry in patients with neurological and psy ... Read More
New Study Showed Discovered small molecules Which Are Targeting A Specific Protein in Autoinflammatory Diseases ... EPFL scientists have discovered two small-molecule compound series that can effectively block a central pathway of the innate immune system, offering ... Read More
New Insights into the Mechanisms Leading to Cancer Include the Study of Regulatory Regions in the Human Genome ... A large-scale study provides new insights into the mechanisms that can lead to cancer. It can happen when genes mutate, but cancer also can occur w ... Read More
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Latest MEMBS Congress news
"King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre" is the venue of MEMBS 2018 ... King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre  ... Read More

Egypt to Host MEMBS 2019 ... MEMBS 2019 ... Read More

Get your abstracts ready for submission on 01.03.2018 ... Mark your calendar ... Read More

Early bird registration fees is active NOW "MEMBS 2018" ... MEMBS 2018 ... Read More

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