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Latest Molecular Biology News
Scientists Asking: How did the Zebra Got its Stripes, or the Leopard its Spots? ... How did the zebra get its stripes, or the leopard its spots? Mankind has been trying to answer such questions since our earliest recorded days, and ... Read More
CRISPR Gene-Editing Technique May Help Stopping Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Progression ... DALLAS – Aug. 30, 2018 – Scientists for the first time have used CRISPR gene editing to halt the progression of Duchenne muscular dystroph ... Read More
Understanding H. pylori's Groundwork for Infection ... It’s been known for some time that a bacterium can cause several serious stomach ailments, including ulcers, gastritis and stomach cancer. Re ... Read More
Genetic Mutations Could Play a Vital Role in Improving Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Patients ... Scientists have discovered a link between certain genetic mutations, the aggressiveness of prostate cancer, risk of developing the disease and poorer ... Read More
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Latest MEMBS Congress news
"King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre" is the venue of MEMBS 2018 ... King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre  ... Read More

Egypt to Host MEMBS 2019 ... MEMBS 2019 ... Read More

Get your abstracts ready for submission on 01.03.2018 ... Mark your calendar ... Read More

Early bird registration fees is active NOW "MEMBS 2018" ... MEMBS 2018 ... Read More

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