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"MEMBS Annual Congress" is the most prominent event of its kind in the region, where in...

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Latest Molecular Biology News
Discovering Key Regulators Of Bone-building Cells ... The prospect of regenerating bone lost to cancer or trauma is a step closer to the clinic as University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists have identifie ... Read More

Genetic Signature linked to Complex Motor Skills ... Researchers have identified a genetic signature found exclusively in the nerve cells that supply, or innervate, the muscles of an organism's ou ... Read More

New mRNA Vaccine for Zika Virus ... A new Zika vaccine candidate has the potential to protect against the virus with a single dose, according to a research team led by scientists from ... Read More

The Role Of HIF1a In Spreading Melanoma ... Cancerous tumors are voracious. Once they have consumed all the oxygen and nutrients in the original tumor site, the cancer cells travel to other part ... Read More

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MEMBS Educational Activities
To NanoDrop® or Not to NanoDrop®: Choosing the Most Appropriate Method for Nucleic Acid Quantitation ... Accurate and reliable uncleic acid quantitation is a critical step in DNA and RNA analysis workflows. Often success or failure in downstream applicati ... Read More
Introduction to Real Time PCR (Q-PCR/qPCR/qrt-PCR) ... This webinar introduces the concepts of real-time PCR and how to conduct a real-time PCR assay. The topics that will be covered include an overview of ... Read More
New and highly integrated tools for sensitive next-generation sequencing: Analysis of circulating cell-free DNA ... In this webinar, we will introduce new technical solutions for Ion Torrent as well as Illumina sequencing platforms that combine optimized cfDNA isola ... Read More
Downstream application pyrosequencing ... Pyrosequencing is a highly flexible technology based on sequencing-by-synthesis for the rapid and quantitative analysis of any type of sequence variat ... Read More
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