Congress Report

The Fifth Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2018 – Dead Sea

  Oct 14, 2018

This year's MEMBS congress was truely different:
- The congress discussing better life was conducted at the Dead Sea.
- The venue of the congress was "King Hussain Bin Talal Convention Center" where political sumits take place.
- The opening ceremony was joyfully crowded and we had to delay the start due to the arrival of >60 students directly from Palestine representing Palestinian Federation of Laboratory Medicine Students (PFLMS) 
- The president of the congress wasn't someone new to MEMBS; Dr. Maher Sughayer has been with us since 2014
- The patron of the congress was the Minister of Health.
The two opening keynote presentations by "Prof.Dr Fowzan Alkuraya" and "Prof. Hatem El-Shanti" where a wrap up of the scientific history, the growing present, the promising future and the wealthy potentials.
- Committee members and the audience are largely from the host country who lived at home or abroad.
- The abstract review process was the best so far. 
- The debates on Ethics of premarital testing and Stem cells were very interesting. 
- The quality of the young speakers is improving. 
- The gala dinner for scientific committee and the invited speaker was hosted by a member of the scientific committee; Dr. Adeeb Zoubi.
- The closing ceremony was well attended 
However, it was similar to previous MEMBS events in terms of:
The quality of the presentations was generally richer than before.
For parallel sessions, audience were puzzled which session to attend as all had attractive interesting topics and/or excellent speakers.
Everyone was further assured that the Arab world has the scientific manpower and many other resources that qualifies them to be amongst the world leaders with a bit more political and official support.
Several Speakers, exhibitors and audience   initiated research collaborations




Metabolism And Endocrinology (Diabetes)

Microbiology And Infectious Diseases

Molecular Profiling and Personalized Cancer Therapy




Precision Medicine

Public Health And Population Genetics

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Structural And Cellular Biology

Technical Solutions

Tumor Biology

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