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"MEMBS Annual Congress" is the most prominent event of its kind in the region, where in...

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Latest Molecular Biology News
Personalizing Breast Cancer Treatments by Targeting Specific Proteins ... One of the major aims of biomedical research is to improve patient therapy, and as more powerful research and clinical tools have become available, th ... Read More

Immune Stem Cells Treat the Most Common Type of Liver Cancer ... There are more multiple causes of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and more than five approaches to treating it. Well, add one more to the list. Combini ... Read More

Drug stalls protein translation ... The discovery of a compound that interrupts the production of a specific protein could open up a fresh path to drug discovery. Cells rely on comple ... Read More

Emerging Drug Target To Several Deadly Diseases ... Researchers hope to design a new generation of drugs against an array of deadly diseases. The task, however, is costly, arduous and often ineffective. ... Read More

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MEMBS Educational Activities
Introduction to the HiSeq 3000/4000 ... IlluminaTechnical Support invites users to join them for a discussion of the HiSeq 3000/4000 systems. This webinar is targeted toward new users wit ... Read More
Advances in Cellular Automation ... Cell culture and cellular applications have been and continue to be essential to medical and biological research. By automating these assays, research ... Read More
Patient Derived Micro Tumor systems: Future Trends Towards Improved Testing Systems ... With increasing breadth and depth of genomics studies across a range of cancers, it is now apparent that there exists significant inter and intra tumo ... Read More
RNA-Seq: library prep and analysis ... This webinar will provide an overview of library preps available and the versatile apps provided for analysis.   ... Read More
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