MEMBS is the Middle East's largest inclusive community of biomedical engineers.

Founded in Dubai, on Nov 19, 2012,MEMBS membership comprises a wide range of practicing professionals and students that make up the more than 10,000 members Middle East wide.

MEMBS is a leading scientific voice for Molecular Biology, the fundamental element of all life sciences. We are dedicated to advance the scientific discovery, advocate cutting-edge researches, and promote professional development.

To serve the needs and interests of our members, MEMBS aims to facilitate the promotion of new discoveries in biological sciences for the benefit of Middle East region. This cannot be accomplished without implementing effective modern means of communication and engagement among which is our Molecular Biology News site, Education Department site, Social Network site, and the Annual Congress Site.

Through these multiple platforms, MEMBS provides its members with full access to share practices, information, ideas and opinions that are shaping one of the fastest growing fields in science.

For more information about MEMBS please see the attached video and the PDF file...
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Molecular biology looks at the molecular mechanisms behind processes such as replication, transcription, translation and cell function. One way to describe the basis of molecular biology is to say it concerns understanding how various cellular systems interact in terms of the way DNA, RNA and protein synthesis function, and how they are associated with the development of chronic diseases.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology constitute the basic elements of today's clinical research and medical therapies that profit from a strong multidisciplinary knowledge on structural biology, biochemistry, molecular cell biology, genetics, microbiology and systems biology. It also solves basic questions in the life sciences and applies biological knowledge to agricultural and environmental problems.

Diagnostic molecular biology is arguably the fastest growing area of laboratory medicine and has the potential for a major impact on clinical medicine within the next decade. New technologies have contributed to the dramatic acceleration in our capacity to investigate the genetic components of diseases, and are increasingly incorporated into all areas of pathology as an aid in evaluating the future risk of disease.
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(Individuals / Scientific Organizations / Commercial Cooperations)

"Toward Innovative Molecular Applications and Networking"
Simply, this is what we aim through the membership / partnership program in MEMBS (the main source of Molecular Biology).
MEMBS represents your window to the Molecular Biology field, it is your unique open platform in the Middle East and Arab world, dedicated to offer membership to those who are interested or working in the field of Molecular Biology (on the local and international levels) were they individuals, scientific organizations or commercial corporations (regardless of their backgrounds and purposes) to get engaged in various MEMBS activities either as providers or recipients.

All international companies who are producing, innovating and distributing the Molecular Biology technologies are invited to become a part of MEMBS and join (MEMBS Technology Awareness Program - TAP), please contact MEMBS for more information.

For the full detailed benefits of MEMBS membership please see the file or the videos attached PDF...
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(Middle East Molecular Biology Sources) is a scientific and educational activity registered by (Dubai Science Park) under the license (91302) and located in Dubai International Academic City - DIAC.
MEMBS provides the membership and fulfillment services to the Molecular Biology community in the Middle East and Arab world.
For more information about MEMBS LAW please look at the appendix PDF...

* The organizing committee manages MEMBS activities, implements the strategic plans and maintains MEMBS relations with members, organizations, and companies.
* The scientific committee is an elite of talented researchers working in the filed of Molecular Biology dedicated to establish the long-term scientific strategies.
* Advisory committee comprises honorary delegates that represent leading companies and organizations working in the field of Molecular Biology.
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MEMBS has forged strategic partnerships with companies, nonprofits and other organizations to achieve its mission on the Middle East scale.
Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more is a great value of our society.
Too, we share knowledge and opportunities with business partners, expanding the horizons of these pioneering businesses and the people who work for them.
Please take a look at our directory for more details on the great names we partner with.
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Figures below show how the number of MEMBS members has grown since its establishment, and reflect a high level of the interaction and participation in MEMBS various activities..
(Following statistics have been released on 31.12.2015)
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MEMBS annual congress is the first, the main and the most prominent Molecular Biology event of its kind in the Middle East and Arab world, held in a different country every year and accompanied by international specialized exhibition for the top technology providers along with the scientific organization.

Periodic international annual congress, attended by local and international activities to submit and discuss latest researches and breakthroughs to releases abstracts of international standards.

MEMBS annual congress offers yearly awards for winning papers and posters.

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MEMBS Molecular Biology News is a daily news service, dedicated to search for latest global scientific and technology sources and journals to perform full coverage of latest breakthroughs and advancements in the Molecular Biology field by presenting them in two languages through a unique platform.

MEMBS Molecular Biology News also provides events calendar specific to the same field, in addition to introductory overviews highlighting Molecular Biology relevant organizations.

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MEMBS Education Department is the first of its kind in the region, It is a flexible tutorial activity uniquely designed to provide the tutorial scientific materials in three methods:
  1. Live Webinars: easy to download through mobiles and PCs.
  2. Practical workshops, events and courses: organized locally in each country.
  3. Downloading panel for Educational (videos, presentations, photos).
MEMBS Education Department topics fully cover both scientific and technology subjects.

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MEMBS Social Network is a platform of interaction and communication between the members.

Based on MEMBS mission, and in accordance to its vision (to facilitate the fruitful communications and discussions), this platform was designed to guarantee the professional networking through providing:
  1. An e-search engine (individuals - Organizations) established to help easily find people of the same interest and organizations.
  2. Q & A and conversations panel.
  3. Online communication and discussion tools.
  4. Job opportunity search.

This platform in under innovation and will be ready by 2018.

Many experts agree that the world of innovations and technologies has become a key part of all diagnostic & research systems, and researchers may simply don't find time to cope with and be updated of all technologies and advancements that are essential to their goals.
The aim behind Web-Store is to:

  1. Define international companies and their products, and to build a bridge of scientific communication with our Molecular Biology community.
  2. Communicate with the suppliers to make purchases and inquiries that professionally controlled by MEMBS.
  3. Explore, evaluate and compare: products, quotations as well as companies performance.

This platform will be ready by 2019.